Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Murphy's Law

When you say there's nothing going on, something inevitably will happen. About 12:30am or so Bella woke up screaming. Totally unlike her so I got up to go comfort her and she was burning up. Dh grabbed some Motrin for her and I nursed her. Put her back down and only 30min later if that she was up again. Dh got up and went to sit in the recliner with her hoping they could both get some sleep. A bit later, I don't know how long since I fell back asleep, I hear her screaming again. So I got her from dh, checked her temp (100.7 or so) and tried nursing her again while he went back to sleep. She finally fell asleep again (I dozed off as well) and when I put her down, she stayed down until about 7am. She's still running a fever but otherwise she seems okay- just tired. Why won't this damn germ go away?! I'm exhausted and I know dh is even worse. He only got a few hours of sleep last night. He even contemplated calling in this morning but went in anyway.

On a good note, Logan was honored with an Gold Medal Award today for high achievement in reading. One student from each class was honored for either reading, math, science or writing. I'm a proud Mama!! They get an actual medal with their school name engraved on the back and when they get back to their classrooms they will be given a certificate as well. Ian was very good thru the 45min or so presentation and even though Bella isn't feeling well, she didn't make a peep. I'll say it again, I love wearing her. It keeps her so calm and I think she loves being that close to me. She eventually fell asleep right on my chest.

And the pictures (someone remind me to bring my SLR next time!!)

These are his classmates with our Principal, Mr Shields.




Amanda said...

Awhh look at Logan! You've got to be so proud of him! What an honor for him.

And poor Bella. Do you think it could be teeth related? Andon had 103 fever tonight and we have NO idea why. Sigh...hope she sleeps better tonight.

Holly said...

Way to go Logan!!! :)