Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scary moments!

Bella just had a reaction to something she was eating. I've never dealt with this before and my heart was beating pretty fast. Talk about adrenaline. She was screaming for food and I was trying to feed her while cooking dinner too. I gave her some jarred Chicken Noodle stuff, cheerios, Gerber puffs, noodles and a little fish. Now I know not to give shellfish but I figured tilapia would be safe. I think I've given it to her before. I'm not sure what was different except maybe there wasn't as much Old Bay seasoning on it before or something. She was feeding herself the table foods.

I went back to feed her some applesauce (with some apple pie spice added as usual) and noticed her face was all red around her mouth. I didn't have the dining room lights on and I thought I could see some raised areas too like hives so I grabbed her up quick and ran to the bathroom with her. I washed her face and just as I thought, there were little raised hives. Poor baby!! I went to nurse her as a) I felt guilty she had a reaction and b) I wanted to watch her carefully. She's perfectly fine though. No hives anywhere else so it was just a contact reaction vs allergic reaction thankfully. It must have been something she fed herself which is why I'm thinking the Old Bay. She already appears to be a little less red and is happily crawling around the living room playing. Ugh. I did a bit of research on Old Bay and it does have Cayenne pepper which can be an allergen. I'll be watching in the future for that!

Look at that poor face. Everywhere her fingers touched her face it's red.


All cleared up about 45min or so later

This is the closest she's gotten to standing on her own. It won't be long.


Melodie said...

I'm glad Bella's all better now!

Heather said...

Awww, poor thing. Glad she's okay! Lovin' the babylegs.

Debbie said...

Glad the reaction cleared up. I need to go grocery shopping and George asked me to pick up some Old Bay since we are out...My girl's have had it, but now I feel leary about buying it...Maybe we'll make our own since we have most of the ingredients..

Amanda said...

I'm glad she's alright. Hayley's in here and said..."AWHH...that's a CUTE baby Mom!" :-)