Monday, March 09, 2009

Leprechaun trap

St Patty's day is almost upon us and we have been given the task of building a leprechaun trap for school. Tonight Logan and I went shopping for supplies. We ended up with a green cauldron, green felt, shamrock confetti and stickers, gold coin confetti, a green mug (smaller than a shot glass), green *Easter* grass and an assorted bag of pipe cleaners. Here's our thinking. We're going to decorate the cauldron with the stickers, use the handle to make the rainbow, and cut the felt to just fit the top of the cauldron. We'll lure the leprechaun in with the *beer* mug (Logan read the sign and told me we weren't allowed to drink beer LOL) and the gold coins. When he steps on the felt to get to the coins, he'll fall into the grass inside the cauldron and be caught! I'll post pics once it's done.

St Patty's day is also a day of mischief. In past years the leprechauns have left Lucky Charms cereal (the only time of year they get to eat it), small green toys/snacks/misc, green milk and footprints behind. I'm sure this year they'll get into even more mischief!

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