Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a day!

Ian's caught a cold. The same cold that dh also has at the moment. I think dh got the worst of it though. So Ian's been under the weather today. I kind of like it though when he's like this. How horrible is that to say? He's quiet. He likes to lay with you in bed. He even took a nap in my bed at 10am. Bella was napping too so I napped right along with them!

The rest of the day went by pretty normally. Until tonight that is. Logan and I left for tumbling as usual and about halfway thru class he was doing a cartwheel, came down wrong and hurt his wrist. It started swelling immediately. I had no idea what happened. I heard him wailing so I looked up from my book and waited to see what was going on. There have been times he's hurt himself before and he cries but gets over it and goes on. This time was different though. I knew something was wrong when they came to get me. It felt totally odd to walk out into the gym area. They had him laying on the floor and I could see his wrist looked funny. Leighton (coach) went to get some ice and an ace bandage while Torian (his fave coach) was keeping him calm. As long as Logan was distracted he was okay with the pain. We talked about school, movies, friends, etc. anything to keep him from thinking about his arm.

So we left and I was immediately on the phone with dh trying to get phone numbers for our ped's after hours care. They don't do xrays though so we were sent to another After Hours office and we were seen within 15min of walking in. At least I didn't have to spend 3 hours in the ER. They took the xrays and when they were ready we saw the ARNP who showed me the films and clearly it was broken. It's a right distal radius fracture. It's the bone that runs up your arm on the thumb side on his right hand. Which just so happens to be his dominant hand. He got upset when I mentioned he wouldn't be able to write with that hand. Why was he upset? Because he wouldn't be able to do his math. I think he got more upset over the math then when he got upset that he couldn't play his DS! LOL I'm more worried about how he'll do day-to-day things like using the bathroom (wiping, pulling up his pants, snapping, buttoning, etc) when we aren't there to help. So they gave him some Motrin, splinted the arm up to the elbow in a temp cast (which is heavy!), gave him a sling and sent us off with a pain meds RX and orders to call an ortho in the morning.

He was such a trooper! He's usually one of those kids who acts like they are dying over a scrape and here he is with a broken wrist and he smiled for the camera when I was documenting it all. Yes I took photos! This is the first broken bone in the family! ;) When we got home he was showing it off the dh and Ian. It was like nothing had happened. Must have been some good Motrin! I put Bella to bed but had to run out again to get dh some cold meds and get Logan his rx. He didn't care for it even though I had it flavored but he's going to have to suck it up. It's Hydrocodone so it makes him sleepy and he conked out fast. Could be all the excitement tonight too though. He's having to sleep with Ian in the bottom bunk as it's a bit tough to climb up and down the ladder with only one arm. He may be stuck there for the next 6 weeks or so. I'm sure he won't be thrilled to hear that. I guess we could always blow up the air bed if necessary.

Tomorrow I'll be calling his ped for a referral to an ortho first thing. He'll be skipping school for the day. I want to get his arm cast soon. Poor baby. I felt so bad for him. He actually wants to go back to tumbling once the cast is off. Me? I'm not so sure. I have 2 weeks left for this month's tuition so hopefully we'll have that credited. I'm scared he's not getting enough calcium or something! Probably silly right? Ugh. I guess that's what us Moms do best- WORRY! We will have to go back to the gym though next week probably just so I can sign the accident report and his coaches can sign his cast!

In the waiting room. He was watching Bolt.

OWIE!! That just looks painful.


In one of the exam areas. They all had tv's with movies and rocking chairs. He was watching Kung Fu Panda.

I don't think arms are meant to bend that way. It hurts my heart!

You can see the break 3 ways.


Red eyed but still a trooper. He was all cast up and ready to go.




Anonymous said...

Aww, poor guy! I can't believe he's smiling!

Melodie said...

Poor guy! That's a nasty break. Way worse than mine were. I remember the worst part of breaking my arms was getting the x-rays. Your arm is already in excruciating pain, and then they want to go and make you put it in these more painful positions so they get a good shot of the injury. Just thinking about that makes me want to cry for Logan!

Heather said...

That looks rough. What a brave little guy! Kids heal quickly though so I hope he's back to his old tricks soon!

I can relate all too well to the mommy worries. It seems it never goes away, does it?

Amanda said...

Oh my Karlise...you really did have a day. Poor Logan...his arm...ugh. I think I gasped a little when I saw his wrist and those x-rays. I'll be praying for him that it heals fast and he's not in bad pain.

Hugs to you!!!!

Debbie said...

I feel so sorry for him. I know how difficult it is or seems like it will be...Hopefully the healing process will be quick.

IF you are sent to Sun City, they are excellent...They also are part of the office right here on 60, which are great too....I've experienced both long and short waits, but I guess that is everywhere, especially with ortho doctors...

jennifer said...

OH My K!!! That wrist pic looked soooo wrong. I am sure he will heal quickly. What a day for you.

Working Mama said...

Yikes! That looks awful - I am really not good with things bent the wrong way...kudos to you Mom for holding it together. It it had been me, I may have fainted - LOL

Holly said...

What a BRAVE boy!

Scarlett said...

Hopefully he's feeling okay today. I know that's got to be tough for both of you! BTW, Hayden won't take hydrocodone to save his life. They gave it to him with both his adenoid and tonsil surgeries, and no matter what we flavored it with, he was not ingesting it. That stuff must be really really horrible.