Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trying something new

One of my goals for this year was to cut back on my soda consumption. I was drinking 2 a day, sometimes 3. I did okay for a bit and then went back to my habit. After reading a thread on one of my boards about the side effects of artificial sweeteners (headaches, joint aches, cravings) I'm going to quit eating/drinking them. Maybe I'll indulge once in a while but I'm going to really try not to buy any diet drinks and I'm not going to use Splenda anymore in my tea.

I started today. I'm out of soda anyway so it's not like I could just grab one. One of the things people say about A.S. is that it makes you crave food, particularly sweet foods. I guess the premise is that your body knows your eating a sweet but it's not getting the calories from that sweet so you crave those calories. I could have that wrong but I think that was the idea.

So without my Diet Pepsi today I drank water and I made up a simple syrup and made up some iced tea. Usually between breakfast (2 eggs and milk) and lunch I have a snack. Nothing today. After lunch I always want a sweet. Nothing today. I was full! (Had a whole wheat pita with a Boca, tzatziki and lettuce plus some sunchips). I'm always hungry between lunch and dinner. Nothing today! I don't have a craving at all. Like I said, this may be all in my head but hey if it works than I'm healthier than I was yesterday. Hopefully I can stick with it.


Hanne said...

I am joining you, not more Splenda i my tea and no more diet sodas. Good luck to you, and me!
I have done it before, and I know I can do it again, this time hopefully for good:)

Amanda said...

I stick to real sugar and real soda. I've read this before and I swear it really does affect us. I do however use Splenda (with my sugar) in my coffee but thats the only A.S. I use.

I'm such a sugar junkie!

Heather said...

Great job Karlise. Keep it up!