Saturday, March 07, 2009


Cigarette smoke must be one of the foulest smelling things on earth. I loathe cigarette smoke. I avoid it at all costs which sometimes means I don't go to some people's homes- or at least not very often but other times it's just unavoidable or there will be hurt feelings. People aren't even smoking around us while we're there. The stench is embedded in the house though since they smoke inside the rest of the time. I praised the day that smoking was banned in restaurants!

We were at one of those houses today for a birthday (family) and the minute you walk in the door the smell hits you like a ton of bricks. You really don't want to sit on the furniture but you might as well since your clothes will reak of smoke anyway when you leave. I hate bringing the diaper bag or my purse in. We got home tonight and as soon as I walked in the door I was changing clothes. I had to bathe Bella and get her to bed before I could hit the shower. My hair reaked, my clothes reaked. It was disgusting. My main issue though is I have this weird nasal thing where the smoke scent will stay in my nose for hours or days. It feels like someone is just blowing smoke at my face. My breath catches sometimes and I get headaches from it. My nose burns like the day I was in the house even though we haven't been around smoke for a long time. It's really strange and very annoying! Here I sit smelling smoke and there's none around me. Nasty!


Amanda said...

I feel exactly the same! Thankfully we don't have any family members who smoke in their house now. I grew up around family that smoked. I hated it then and hate it now.

I can't stand to smell like smoke and always come straight home and take a shower when ever I'm around it.

Melodie said...

That's just nasty! And it's really sad that people don't seem to realize or care about their stench.