Thursday, March 05, 2009

Party Planning Mode

***Update: Dh has nixed outfits #6 & 7 so vote for one of the first 5.

It's in full force now! Bella's 1st birthday is coming up quick! I'm having a Cupcake theme with plenty of pink of course. ;) I bought a giant Wilton 3D cupcake pan today and also the miniature version (which is still rather big) for her smash cake. I'm thinking of making the cake from scratch. We'll see about that!

I'm going to get cupcake balloons with coordinating regular balloons, a 1st birthday cupcake dress and I'm planning on decorating her highchair as well. Not sure the specifics on that since I don't sew though. I really want to cover her seat cover in pink but it doesn't look easy. Maybe a pink towel is just the way to go. I also think I'll make a pink tutu to dress her highchair up. I'll just go with plain colored plates/cups/etc more than likely. It's cheaper that way. Although these are really cute!!

Here are a few of the dresses I'm looking at for her (in no particular order) and of course she'll have a coordinating cupcake bow/clip for her hair. I'll have to find one of those after I pick a dress! Go vote for one or more of the dresses over <----there!

Dress #1
Dress #2
Dress #3 (much like #2- same seller)
Dress #4
Dress #5 (Has now been sold out BUT she's going to see if she has enough fabric for another)
Dress #6
Dress #7 (to be worn with a tutu of my making)

I've already bought her 1st gift from us. It's this adorable tea set from Fisher Price. Having a girl is going to get expensive! LOL There's so much I want to buy for her- tea sets and doll carriages, doll houses (not Barbie, a *real* one) and lots of cute felt foods. Baby dolls and accessories and of course all the dress up clothes eventually. Come on lotto! ;)


Debbie said...

I like #5!!!

Heather said...

I voted, but I have to say, they are all adorable! Jason probably won't even get a first birthday "outfit" per say. Not nearly as fun as girly ones.

Karen said...

I voted for #1 but #5 is really cute too. Good luck picking one.

Anonymous said...

I love #5. It was one of the ones I was looking at for my DD.

Anonymous said...

It was hard to pick, they are all cute but I think my fave was #5

Melodie said...

I don't really like the style of the dresses, but of the different material patterns, I liked #2 and #5. I voted for #2, though, since it looks like you might not be about to get #5.