Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To all of my mommy friends and family. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and gets pampered and catered to today.

Mine didn't start out the way I wanted (sleeping in) when Ian woke me up at 6:30am by turning on the lights in our room saying he had something in his nose. Turns out his nose had bled a bit. Bella got up at 7:30am. After I fed and changed her I came out and Ian had my gift in his arms. Last night dh took Ian with him to go shopping. Dh had one gift in mind and then Ian saw this one and they got it instead. I got the Disney Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. It looks like fun! It came with 2 dance pads too so I'm sure I'll be bringing it to a Mom's Night soon. ;)

My mom came over for breakfast which dh cooked and then tonight we went to my MILs for a breakfast/dinner. Dh made loads of french toast and bacon (I helped with the bacon for obvious reasons), BIL made quiches, and other BIL brought fruit salad. I ate WAY too much. It was yummy! I don't usually care for quiche but this was good. My little princess even ate some and she's decided recently she doesn't like eggs so I was happy to see her eat them. We played some Scattergories which was a fun game. MIL gave me a nice card and GC to Target. On the way home I found out she had passed some $$ on to dh too to give to me. :) Shopping! LOL

Got home, put the boys in the tub (Bella was too exhausted), jumped in the shower myself, put the boys to bed and played some Farmtown on the PC. It was a really nice day! Hope everyone else had a great day as well.


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