Monday, May 04, 2009

Weird and Crazy Products

Do you ever run across a product that just makes you think *umm what were they thinking?!*? I came across both of these products today on one of my message boards.

First we have Squeezable Bacon. Yeah you read that right. It's 100% bacon and while I love my swine pork, thinking about squeezing it or spreading it makes me cringe. Bacon should be crisp and not look like cat food. The fact that it has a 12 year shelf life is a whole other issue!

And then we have crocheted tampons. Who is their right mind would stick one of these up their VJJ? Enough said.



Jaime said...

Both of those are absolutely disgusting. Re-usable tampons......GROSS. I mean at least they're green and all but thanks, I'd rather just flush!!!!!!

Melodie said...

YUCK!!!! Bacon should definitely be crispy (though not burnt).