Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Puppy

I got to babysit this cute wittle puppy today. She's just 7 weeks old. Isn't she sweet? I've been telling dh I want another dog but after today I'm not ready for a new puppy. Maybe an older dog but not a little puppy. I don't have the energy for 2 babies!

She was quite rambunctious. She loved to chase her shadow. She ran after Ian when I took her outside and he screamed like the boogie man was coming. Aye yiyi. Logan played with her a little. Bella thought it was hilarious when the pup was trying to attack my hand. I had to keep getting in between the puppy and Bella though so Bella wouldn't become the chew toy! Towards the end of the afternoon though when Bella was at her crankiest just the sound of the puppy's cries put Bella into hysterics. She sounded scared. Poor thing. They were in totally opposite rooms too. Puppy is all gone now though- thank goodness. Three kids and one dog are enough for now!

She's a mix of rat terrier and pomeranian. She's all white except for her head and that little bit on her tail.

Look at the face! :)


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Debbie said...

Now that's a face I love!!!