Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rude People

Rude, oblivious people suck. I was at Costco earlier waiting to check out and the lady woman in front of me was jabbering away on her cell phone. She had a cart full of stuff and was grabbing stuff out of the cart one. piece. at. a. time walking 4 feet in between to put it on the belt. Seriously?! Get off the damn phone! You are not the only person in the universe. There are other people waiting (not so) patiently for you to move your a$$. I'm sure my eyes were shooting daggers at this woman. At one point I thought she was going to open a bag of apples right there on the belt and take one out to eat or give one to her son (who was more than old enough to help her with the groceries). Thankfully she changed her mind. I'm not sure I could have contained myself had she done it.

And speaking of Costco, have you ever been during sample hours? You know, where they have all the food sampling booths. People like free food. I thought it was quite funny today. The same groups of people would descend upon these booths like ants at a picnic. By the time you were able to get around them they had devoured every. single. bite. on the trays. I like free samples too but today's group was rather comical to watch.


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