Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Want to know? I've been playing a game. A video game! I was invited through Facebook to play this new game called Farm Town. It's a Sim type game where you grow crops and earn money to make your own farm. You can earn (more) money by harvesting other people's crops and having them harvest yours. You can send gifts, buy new trees, plants, animals, etc. Once you get to certain levels you can buy buildings or more land to expand your farm. Did I make that seem completely boring? It's really not.

When I first started this game I was bored. I admit it. I didn't get it. Within hours though I was completely addicted to it. I'm always checking to see if my crops are ready and trying to find someone to hire me to harvest their crops. They make more money on their crops if someone else harvests plus I get paid. Win-win! You have a specific time limit to harvest your crops though before they die.

You can also chat with your friends/neighbors or random strangers. I haven't spoken to anyone on the phone in a while but I have talked online! So if you want to be my Farm Town neighbor, find me on FaceBook and I'll send you an invite! Come join the fun!



Karen said...

I've been invited to Farm Town numerous times starting months ago and I'll admit...I'm scared. After hearing everyone talk about how addicted they are, I don't think I need to join, lol. I've got enough stuff distracting me through the day! Have fun though.

Melodie said...

I'm with Karen. I don't need another addiction.