Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

According to everyone I know I went a bit overboard but this is what I ended up with. Almost everything came from the Dollar Tree (everything's a $1).

Monday- nothing- forgot it at home. Oops!
Tuesday- gardening tote bag with seeds, spade and gloves
Wed- Movie night with popcorn bucket, popcorn, candy and a $5GC to Target
Thursday- Altered clipboards (x3 for 3 teachers) I made, magnetic picture frame with pic of Logan (x2)

Friday- letter from Logan plus framed artwork in a wood frame Logan colored

It doesn't sound so bad does it? Here are the altered clipboards. I think they came out adorable! Mod Podging (decoupage) is a royal PITA though. My thinner paper kept bubbling so I'd have to peel it off and reset it. It takes a while to dry so it's no longer tacky too. The back is the flowered pattern.




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Andrea said...

They look great, Karlise. Did u use the masonite-style clipboards??