Saturday, December 27, 2008

Date Night!

Dh's friend Johnny plays in a couple of bands and he was playing in the Jason Parker band at a restaurant in our area tonight so we went up to see him. We got my mom to come over and babysit which the boys were thrilled about! We were only gone a couple of hours. Just long enough to eat dinner and hang out with Johnny when he was on break. The food was really good- hot and fresh and perfectly cooked. I had some calamari for an appetizer and then some tortilla crusted tilapia for dinner. Yum! Dh had a hummus plate and veggie fajitas which he said was really good too.

I also had my first drink in quite a long time, a Double Espresso Chocolate Martini:
Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka, Godiva chocolate, Baileys, crushed Oreos(didn't see these) and chocolate syrup. It was a bit strong at first since I'm just not used to alcohol anymore but I stirred in the chocolate syrup and yum!! I could feel it in my arms and legs. They felt kinda rubbery. LOL I let dh drive home just in case.

We got home right around 9pm and it's a good thing because Bella had been up crying for like 20min Mom said. She tried rocking her and nothing was working. She just wanted her Mama so I ended up nursing her and putting her back down. I completely forgot I had just had a drink. Bad Mommy! :) Oh well. She's so darn cute too. She was wide awake nursing and I'd look down at her and smile and she'd be staring at me and stop nursing to smile back. Oh how I love those moments. The boys were very good and I knew they would be. Mom said Logan tried sneaking out of bed and she told him to go back to bed and Ian crept out to try his luck just minutes later. LOL They both got up when we got home and we had to say goodnight yet again. It was a good night and was really nice to get out with just dh even for a couple of hours. Hand holding with someone other than a child and having my door opened for me again just takes me back to the good ole' days. :)


Amanda said...

Awhhh that's so nice ya'll got to get out! I'm happy for you two!

Karen said...

I told my Aunt what you said about the food and she decided to go there for dinner with my parents. She said the food was fantastic! Thanks for the recommendation, lol.