Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Visit to the Ortho

I called our ped this morning for a referral to an ortho and the only place they really recommended was out in Tampa so that's where I called. They were able to work us in thankfully. I really liked them. So we left the house just after 10am and we were seen probably close to 12pm. Thankfully there were other kids to keep the boys occupied as well as a big screen tv showing Monsters Inc. and a few toys. My son can't be kept from getting injured though- even in the waiting room. While I was at the front desk he went to sit down, tripped (or miscalculated) and smacked his eye into the arm of the chairs. It's scraped up and swollen. It looks like I've been beating him! They gave us some ice so that helped.

When we were called back they took off Logan's temporary cast and his arm looked pretty normal. They wrapped it in Gore-Procel (aka Gore-Tex) which is the same stuff they use for waterproof fabrics. He is required to get it wet everyday. How nice is that?! Boy has technology changed. Getting it wet will keep it from itching and smelling and it gets all the dead skin out. He also got the normal mesh overlay and he picked red for his color. After they wrapped him they had to set the bone. That hurt. I felt so bad for him. They literally squeezed the arm until it was set in place again. There was no distracting him from that pain unfortunately. They took xrays again after they were done and it looked good so they gave us our instructions and we were out the door. We were starving and my friend Jen told me he needed a treat so we stopped by McD's on the way home for a late lunch. So far he's been fine with the arm. It doesn't hurt him at all he says.

Unfortunately he's not feeling well now. I don't know if the cold that's going around the house finally caught up to him or it was just all the stress of the past 2 days but he actually fell asleep at 7pm and didn't eat dinner (pizza) or a cupcake. I know the boy is sick if he doesn't eat! Dh put him in bed and we'll see how he is in the morning. He just can't catch a break I guess. Keep him in your thoughts!

**Update: He's def. sick. He got up twice to throw up and was running a fever. My poor baby!!


We were all the way down by St Joes but you could see the roller coasters at Busch Gardens from the window.

The Gore-Tex going on.


The painful part.


Stadium view



Scarlett said...

Happy Birthday, Bella!!! I can't believe she's one already! And poor Logan... I'm so sorry he had to go through the squeezing part... That had to be really hard to watch. Glad he's not in pain with it now, though. I saw your FB status - hopefully he's just got a bug that will go away quick. No school tomorrow, either, I guess... Hayden was shocked when I told him Logan had broken his wrist. His eyes got really big.

Amanda said...

Jason and I just read your post. He broke his arm when he was 12...he said having it set hurts like H*ll. Poor Logan...I hope he'll be feeling better very soon.

Debbie said...

Seeing his face in so much pain, was heartwrenching. I hope each day he feels better....which I'm sure he will...and I hope he stays well between the eye and now being sick :(

Karlise said...

Thanks. Believe it or not his arm is fine now. I feel kinda bad for taking photos when he was in pain. I tried to distract him and calm him but it just wasn't happening. It's just one of those things to document about his life and hopefully he can laugh about it later.