Saturday, March 07, 2009

The vote is a 3 way tie!!

**Update- Dh really liked dress #2 so I was outvoted again. That's okay. It really was one of my first picks and I only nixed it bc she has a similar dress already. I can't wait to see it!

#2, 3 & 5 are all tied with 10 votes. You guys are not making this easy! I think I may have picked a winner though. I'm not thrilled with the stitching job done on #5 nor do I care for the jeweled buttons and if I'm going to pay that much for a dress, it better be done well soooo I think I've decided on...drum roll please....

Dress # 3

Here's my reasoning. I really like #2 but she already owns a brown dress with pink polka dots. It would be like owning the same dress minus the applique. #3 is just the opposite PLUS I've found an good deal on balloons and they are pink and brown so everything would coordinate nicely. You can see the balloons here although this not where I'm buying them. There will be one large cupcake balloon (1st pic) and 2 of the round cupcake (2nd pic) plus 9 pink/brown/white latex balloons and ribbon included. (I'll post about the new site in a few)

I'm still second guessing myself here so please feel free to chime in!!


Karen said...

I love #3 too. It was very hard to vote on just one, lol.

Amanda said...

I think #3 is a great choice. I was going to say #3 or #5.

Do you think the entire dress is lead free? know I HAD to say that.

Will Bella have a matching bow to wear?

Melodie said...

I prefer #2 over #3, but since Bella has dark hair and a darker skin tone, she might look better with the lighter color as the dominant one. I usually choose Browns for Katie to bring out her brown eyes, but she does hair fair skin and lighter hair than Bella.

Melodie said...

I meant "have fair skin", not "hair fair skin."