Monday, November 24, 2008

Babywearing Motrin Stupidity

I read about this a week or two ago I guess. I just never blogged about it. None of my IRL friends have mentioned it so I'm unsure if it's reached their ears yet so here I am to spout off about it!

Motrin put THIS ad out and boy oh boy did they catch flack for it! The snarky tone and the message had me fired up. Did they not do a focus group or survey any babywearing moms? Apparently not. To make it even worse, they put the ad out during International Babywearing Week. Oh my.

I love to wear Bella. I'll readily admit I love the attention and compliments I get when wearing her, but I do NOT wear her as a fashion statement(although my carriers are cute! LOL). She's not an accessory to my ensemble. I am also not in pain when wearing her. If you're in pain, you're wearing the wrong carrier or just wearing the right carrier wrong. Wearing my baby does not make me look tired and crazy. In fact, it keeps both her and I calm. I have my hands free to shop or do things with the boys and she loves to look around. She usually naps in it as well. And really? Now I'm an *official* mom? Whatever. I was an official mom the minute I conceived.

Motrin I know you've apologized but from now on, I hope you do a bit more research into your target audience. Maybe you meant for this ad to come off as sympathetic but you missed the mark.

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