Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday (not so) Fun

Poor baby. She's been coughing for the past 2 days but this morning she started coughing up green stuff. Blech. Her nose is running clear though. She does have a slight fever so I'm keeping her at home and even gave her some Tylenol. She needs some sleep but right now she's fighting it. I went around the house and sprayed Clorox Anywhere spray everywhere today! By God I'm going to get rid of this bug if it kills me! And I better not catch it either. I have a relaxing few hours planned at the salon on Saturday (my last time for a very long time- back to the box I go I think after this. UGH!!) and I want to enjoy them!

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Alison said...

UGH! Karlise~Im so sorry Bella is sick. There is nothing worse than a baby having this junk! I pray you don't get it because God knows we need our salon time!!!You getting highlights&color?You getting it cut also? I'll be praying everybody stays healthy!!