Saturday, November 15, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

Back in August, I got dh tickets to Phantom of the Opera for his birthday gift. He really wanted to see it. So we had our first date in 6 years today when we left the kids with my friend Jen for a few hours and went to the theatre. I actually got to hold a conversation with my hubby without kids interrupting. I even got to hold his hand just like we used to do pre-kids. That's just not possible anymore. We've usually got the baby in our arms and someone else's hand. So it was nice to have some *us* time.

Phantom was a good show. I'm sure someone is out there reading and saying, "What?! Just good?!" but to me it was. I had a really hard time understanding the lyrics and what was going on. I got the gist that it was a love story. Phantom loves Christine but Christine loves Raoul. There were some good comedic moments, great costumes and music and good special effects though. I really liked the 2nd half of the show. A lot of what happened in the first half was just filler it felt like. I almost didn't want the second half to end.

Would I see it again? Maybe. Maybe I would understand it better if I watched it again or even saw the movie. I do know that dh and I would like to have more date days so I'm sure we'll see something else at the theatre eventually. We'd even consider taking the boys to a family show (there were quite a few kids at Phantom). I'd love to foster a love of the theatre in them.

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Holly said...

I have the movie if you want to borrow it. Bruce said he was glad he had seen the movie first, so he knew what was going on. I thought it was distracting because I kept comparing the two.
I loved everything about the show.