Sunday, November 02, 2008

Emotions of being a Mom

There the smile on Bella's face each time she sees me. The giggles I get out of the boys when I tickle them, the smiles when they say *I love you Mama*, the laughter when your oldest says quite seriously *You BROKE my heart* because we yelled at him to be patient already (ironic), and the joy I feel when just picking up Bella stops her crying or when she stretches and twists around to find her Dada.

There's the happiness of seeing her sitting up by herself or reaching another milestone. The love I feel for them each and every time I kiss them or go in to their room when they are sleeping to tell them one more goodnight. There's the sadness that they are growing up so fast yet blessed feeling that they are happy, healthy and well rounded children.

There's also the anger and frustration when they don't listen or when they are fighting and nit-picking each other.

Is it really a wonder how moms are so exhausted at the end of the night?

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Melodie said...

It a wonder that we aren't all diagnosed as bipolar since we can go from the extreme of loving them so much they make us cry, to wanting to kill them 10 seconds later when they start fighting.