Saturday, November 29, 2008

Can I give thanks...

That Thanksgiving is over? Phew. Everyone just left and I have peace and quiet once again. When my family is over, we talk and laugh. When his family is over, everyone hangs out on the couch and watches a movie. A loud movie since half of them are deaf apparently. And they always bring uninvited guests. Every. Single. Year. It's common courtesy to just let the hostess know you're bringing someone, right? MIL didn't even know they were coming. It usually irks the hell out of me but I just let it roll this year. I just planned for extra food.

Dinner was good though and I got mucho compliments on my food. I'm so full. Time to get back on the WW wagon! I tried not to overdo it tonight though.

What else...I watched a bootleg copy of Twilight last night (flame me if you want). It was a very poor quality picture so I def want to see it again in full color and light. It was that bad. I really liked the movie though. I went into it knowing I always like the book better and I would have added some scenes and possibly taken others out but it was good! I really hope they can put more money into the next movie and make it even better. Dh watched with me since I'm always talking about the books and he even enjoyed it. He went and dowloaded the audio books right after! :) He's not a reader so audio books are about the only way I can get him to *read* a book.

That's it for our weekend so far. Tomorrow is unplanned as of yet but I'm sure you'll read all about it if we actually do something!

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