Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sweet Boy

Ian was crying this morning because Logan had some candy corn in his chair pouch (hangs on back to hold his stuff) at school. He cried all the way down the hallway that he wanted candy corn. I don't have any and we didn't get any for Halloween plus I told him he could have a piece of candy after lunch. (FTR, Logan wasn't eating the candy, he just showed it to me.) So anyway, I see this little boy walking with his hands over his ears like Ian's crying was bothering him. He seems like one of those kids that's just a loner. I've seen him a few times this year. We walked past him and were almost to the office when he stops us and asks Ian if he wants his Speed Racer car to make him feel better. How sweet is that? I'd say his parents are doing a good job with him.

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