Saturday, November 08, 2008

Science Olympics

Today was the Science Olympics at our local Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). Logan and his friend Justin were chosen out of all the kindergarteners in our school to participate. Unfortunately, Justin was a no show so Logan had to do it by himself. They had a 10 min time limit to build the tallest structure they could from cups and folders. Logan built his and then just sat there waiting. LOL I have a feeling that some of the parents really practiced at home with their kids. So he didn't win but he was proud of himself and did very well! There was one kid I just wanted to yell at. He was sitting closest to Logan and kept reaching over to Logan's tower and acting like he was going to knock it down. This was before it was even measured. All parents were in the room yet noone said a word to this kid. Ugh.

After it was all over we were free to enjoy the museum for the rest of the day for free! And that's just what we did. The boys had a blast. Bella was on my back in my O&A and took at least 2 naps back there. Never heard a peep from her. We went from floor to floor and enjoyed everything.

I only had one issue and it's a sensitive one (re: fetuses) so feel free to skip to the next paragraph. There was a whole section called The Amazing You. For the most part it was a cool area- all about the body, hearing, sight, pregnancy ultrasounds, lungs, height/weight and a neat Hollywood Squares type gameshow with puppets. There was one area though that was behind a wall that had different fetuses in various stages of development. Had they not been real babies, I probably wouldn't have had such issues. On one hand I was fascinated by it. I could see what I've only read about so many times online when I was pregnant. Tiny fingers at 12 weeks, lips, ears, etc. BUT I was also saddened that these were real babies. They were on loan from another institute. I could only look at the smaller of them. The most term baby- approx 27 weeks- was just too close to home as I can't even imagine losing a baby let alone a baby that far along. I wanted to cry for them.

Along those lines, I did see a preemie doll in an incubator (okay, not sure if that's the correct technical term) that was sooo teeny. It was a *live* doll too in that you could see it move and breathe. I was okay with that.

We eventually moved on to the Kids In Charge area where the boys could do puzzles, tug of war, go grocery shopping, milk a cow, see how gears work, etc. It's a really neat area. I decided it was far past time for Bella to eat so I found a bench to sit on. Here's the irony- I picked the one bench near the cow milking area! Hahaha! It didn't even occur to me until I was already sitting there nursing her.

So on to some pictures!

Logan's tower

Posing after the contest was over.

Hurricane wind tunnel- this was probably around 70+ mph

Coming in for a landing

Star gazing

Rope maze. We pretended they were laser beams they had to crawl under. Logan and Ian had fun rolling and crawling under them.

Hey! Where's my body?

My boys morphed into one.

Yes, the guy moving back and forth in front of me without paying attention to anyone behind him was quite annoying. The 2 kids in the very front won.


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