Monday, November 17, 2008

Is This Normal??

Ugh. Logan is driving me crazy. He snuck a donut yesterday and lied about it. He got a timeout and a lecture. This afternoon he came to me and asked if he could have a snack. I said yes and even opened it for him(Reeses Snackster). I came out to the kitchen and noticed an empty yogurt container in the trash bag. Hmm Ian didn't eat it(he was asleep) and neither did I so I called him on it.

"Oh it fell out of the fridge".
Uh huh. Where did it fall?
(points to the floor)
How did you clean it up?
"With a paper towel"
I look in the trash. No towel.
"There are no paper towels in there." (He should be a poker player with his straight face.) The cup is clearly empty PLUS there's yogurt ON his face!

THEN I notice the Mini Oreo package he got on Halloween in the trash bag which I know was on the counter earlier and I notice just how dirty his white shirt has gotten since he got home (he had on a sweater all day). I guess he wiped the oreo evidence from his hands onto his shirt.

OMG. Now he's had 3 snacks and lied about two of them in all of 20 minutes. So he got a timeout. I turned my back to feed Bella and he scooted his butt into the tv room to watch tv. Good heavens he wants to try me now. This time he gets timeout and no tv the rest of the day. I went to turn it off and he grabs my leg and holds on so I have to drag him with me to turn the damn thing off. I got him off of me and then he starts in on the guilt trips. LOL "You're not my friend anymore. You hurt my feelings". Oh geez. After his time was over we had a little chat about lying and sneaking/stealing food since there's no reason for him to do so. Have you seen this kid? It's not like he's starving over here.

So back to my questions. Is lying at age 6 normal? Is sneaking around and trying to do things behind mom's back normal? He's obviously not good at lying despite his poker face since he left evidence everywhere. He doesn't get it that Mom. Knows. Everything.

I've warned him too that Santa is watching him. I think our Elf may need to make an appearance sooner rather than later so he can start reporting all the goings-on in our house to the big guy himself!


Debbie said...

Karlise, I am not going to try to figure out if this is normal or not. I think in general, people will agree and then there will be those that have not dealt with it, yet....

Elizabeth has always been honest and if I said, "Did you do that to your sister" (example) she would say yes. UNTIL Saturday....Mind you, on Friday (since I am a troop leader) we are working on Daisy petals and the first one is about honesty and being fair. We had a HUGE conversation and role played honesty and Elizabeth told her first lie, I should say, knowingly lie that I know of on Sat. I just peaked on the girls in Jillian's room and she was climbing up the shelves of Jillian's closet to get something. Something that was way up and for reasons I kept up there. So I backed away, called my husband to look and she was down already. She came down and jumped and landed on her feet.

Here comes the lie...I asked her where she jumped off from, she said the bed. I said that was a mighty big jump from a bed....She said the bed. I said are you sure that you did not climb up the shelves since the chair was there. She said no, she jumped from the bed. OMG, I saw her and if I had a camera boom, my evidence. But I called her on it and took TV away from her for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, she was dancing at the Fest and I couldn't take that away since it was a team dance. But we had the whole talk about lieing and how lies snowball and really the truth comes out and nothing gets accomplished. And had she told me the truth, I would of not been happy, but probably would of sat down and told her that she knows how dangerous that can be, blah, blah, blah, etc. And that even though lieing might seem as a nice "out" it never helps or is an "out"...

So back to your question, E is 6 now and this is her first official lie. Age or not age, I think that children learn or try to learn how to escape consequences and push the envelope more. Some kids probably get away with it more, and I am sure that E will get away with a lie or two, but just keep reinforcing that lieing goes nowhere. I just hope I'm doing the right thing and can nip this early on....Good luck!

One thing I can say, I think most 6yr olds CAN keep a poker face...LOL!

Karen said...

Shawn's been lying for at least 2-3 years, lol. He's even stolen something from the store (candy out of the bulk candy bins) and tried to lie about it. Of course we've talked to him but I'm not sure it's worked at all. Good luck.