Tuesday, May 06, 2008

6 week checkup! and more

Bella and I (and Ian) went in today for our 6 week. Bella has gained yet another pound from just a week ago! (the scales could be calibrated differently too) She was 10lb 9oz today. The other birth assistant finally got to hold her. She left early that morning after I had Bella.

I am still healing and apparently my abdominal wall is still seperated a bit. Other than that, I'm good to go! I saw our picture on the wall (they take a pic of the new parents and baby before you leave after birth). Ian was even able to spot us. Speaking of Ian, he's so cute. He's so used to me hopping on the table and helping the midwife find the baby's HB that he grabbed the doppler and goo for her. He doesn't understand Bella IS that baby!

On a different subject, my truck is at the dealer's today getting the rear AC fixed. It went out a few months ago. Apparently it's something pretty common for an '03 Pilot. They also say I need to get my timing belt changed soon and do the 85K maintanence. Can you see the $$$ blowing away? We're only doing the AC right now and we'll look into someone else doing the timing belt.

So while my truck was there today, I had dh's Civic (plus I had to drive to Lakeland). Can you believe we did it? We fit all 3 carseats in there!! It was NOT easy. The harnessed seats (Radians) were in tight and Logan's booster fit next to them. We had to slide his booster over with him in it just to buckle him in though and then slide him back and tighten him up. There's no room for a hand to fit in between the seats! Glad it's not an everyday thing! I took some pics last night so I'll post them soon.

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