Sunday, May 04, 2008

Food Prices

I spent so much at the grocery store last night it's ridiculous. Yes, I bought some convenience foods and snacks but I also bought fresh vegetable and fruits and just those alone cost me a ton. I decided to try a friend's suggestion and do "spaghetti" using spaghetti squash instead of noodles. One squash was over $7. Ouch! Maybe I should just make my own pasta- even boxed would be cheaper! Grapes were $2.99/lb. Again- ouch! My boys love fresh fruit and it's so expensive.

We're not lucky enough to have stores that double and triple coupons in our area and it seems most coupons are for foods I don't usually purchase anyway. I use them when I can though. I buy extra when things are Buy one, Get one free (plus coupons if I have them) so I can at least think I'm getting some kind of bargain. What do those less fortunate do in times like this? Milk has gone sky high- should I just buy my own dairy cow? (LOL) It may cheaper in the long run.

Gas prices have really affected us too. We aren't going on trips around town as much. I've def. stepped down my shopping. As much as I love SuperTarget, it's much further away and I don't know that the prices are worth the gas. Will a new President help things? I doubt it but I can be hopeful!


Scarlett said...

I hear you!!! I know it sounds like an excuse, but that is truly why I don't go to the gym so much anymore - the gas is just so expensive to get there that I don't know if I can really justify the extra trip to Brandon.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain for the gas. I can't wait until school is over because I am basically driving from my house to your house twice a day. Ugh!