Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well child/baby updates!

Bella and Ian both had their well child/baby check ups this morning.

Ian is 38.5in and 33lbs so around the 65% on both.

Bella was 23in and a bit over 10lbs and is in the middle of the chart too. She had 4 shots today. Poor thing. She only cried for a quick second. I refused the bandaids as they are just TOO sticky and are horrible to take off her skin.

I did refuse the new oral RotaTeq vaccine though. It's just too new and from what I've read, it still can cause the same problem the old vaccine caused which is Intussusception - a blocking or twisting of the intestine. She's breastfed and not in daycare and I don't see why she needs it. Of course, I got yet another "lecture" about vaccinations and why we have them, blah, blah, blah. He was fine with me not getting it today and said I could come back next month for it but it's just not happening.

All three of my kids are happy and healthy and that's what matters!


Kandee said...

Don't let the doctors bully you about the's still the parents who are in control, so feel proud of yourself. I agree that the new vaccines are not safe.

Melodie said...

Unless it's required for kindergarten, the choice is completely up to you. My little brother got about four shots before he went into 7th grade, but Sarah only got one. I asked our pedi about the other ones that my brother had gotten, and he said that they weren't necessary for my girls, that they weren't in a high risk group to need them. I think my brother just got everything available because his mother is a ARNP and she's paranoid about everything.

Melodie said...

Oh, and Katie never got that vaccine. It wasn't even offered to us. If we want anything that isn't required for kindergarten, we have to ask for it.

Jenn said...

Isabella had 1 does of that vaccine, and it gave her diaherrea (sp) So no more for her either.

Glad they are growing so well.