Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cop out!

I'm just in a posting mood this morning I guess. ;)

So I'm reading on one of my boards all about Mother's Day and how it's a Hallmark holiday. Isn't every holiday a Hallmark holiday now? I mean they have decorations and cards for everything now! Anyway, some moms were venting about how they didn't get anything. Not even a card because their dh said that his wife wasn't his mother (some wives sure do have to act like it LOL). I think it's a cop out! No, he doesn't have to go buy something for his wife for Mother's Day but unless their kids have their own job and can drive themselves to the store or are old enough to do something themselves, then YES dh's should do something for their wives. That is the MOTHER of his children. They should have their toddlers make mom a card or do a craft. No money would have to be involved. I just think it's a cop out.


Melodie said...

When Phil and I first got married, he didn't do anything for me for Mother's Day because we didn't have any children together. I told him that my ex sure wasn't going to take my girls shopping for me, so if he didn't do it, then nobody was going to. Once he thought about it that way, he started taking the girls out to shop for me.

Scarlett said...

Whenever I hear about someone saying the, "you're not my mother" thing... I just think, well, she's THE MOST IMPORTANT mother in your life, so you should treat her that way. We don't usually do huge gifts for Mother's Day or Father's Day, but there are always cards and thoughtful things done throughout the day.