Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Toys R Us

Well the plan tonight was to take Ian to TRU to spend his birthday money, hit Target and then Campbell's(ice cream) before heading home. Do you know how many toys TRU has? Dh is the slowest shopper too, especially at that store! Ian finally decided on a Radio Flyer Scooter and a small Star Wars Lego set. Logan got the same small Lego set. I picked up 2 tshirts for Ian and an outfit for Bella all on clearance. By the time we got out of there it was nearly 8pm so no Target for us! We did hit Campbell's though so Ian could have some birthday ice cream (a strawberry sundae) and then off to bed.

I'm such a bad mommy too- I forgot to give him his gifts from us until it was already bedtime! I was waiting until dh got home but then we left and it slipped my mind. Thank goodness he doesn't know any different. LOL He can play with them tomorrow. It was a Toy Story tshirt, Buzz Lightyear and Zurg action figures, Buzz Color Wonder set and Dr Suess ABC game I got on clearance a while back.

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