Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Why is it teens think they are invincible? Okay, I know their brains aren't finished growing (thanks Dr Phil) and they aren't grown/experienced enough but you'd just think they'd know better!

As I was driving home tonight through my neighborhood, I spotted something weird on the car in front of me. Then I spotted the passenger side door open while they were moving. It never closed properly. I sped up a bit to see and it's the guy who lives or visits a house behind mine. He has 2 teens hanging onto the back of the car sitting on the trunk and I guess the inside was full or something too because the door wouldn't shut and I saw it open a couple of times like someone was trying to hang onto it. Do they not know how dangerous sitting on a moving vehicle is? People have died doing that. They weren't going 10mph either. They were doing a good 20 or so. WTH?

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