Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Sale

Two young boys. Must have books, tv and video games. Also must own an extra fully stocked freezer as they Never. Stop. Eating.

Okay, I'm not really selling them but they are eating me out of house and home right now. Are they both going thru a growth spurt all of a sudden?

The last couple of weeks, Ian has had a voracious appetite. Waffles(plain), banana and milk for breakfast, dehyrated apple/pear chips or fruit bar for snack, whole sandwich or chicken nuggets, grapes or apples and pretzels for lunch, yogurt or other snack after naptime. He only sometimes eats dinner though, I guess it depends on what I made. Maybe it's just that he's getting better at eating but it just feels like he's always asking for more food. He's so energetic, he just burns it all off too. Must be nice.

Logan has the same breakfast, a sandwich and apples or other snack for lunch, snack after school, will sometimes eat his entire dinner (and sometimes he won't touch it and goes to bed without eating) and then still asks for more food All. Night. Long.

They are both going to have to get a job to help pay for food! LOL

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