Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ugh Healthcare!!!

Tell me this isn't the dumbest thing in the world. Not only do we pay out nearly $500/mo (and that's with the company paying for dh and 90% of the kids I think) for our healthcare but we have a $3000 deductible per CALENDAR year. It doesn't matter that our plan starts in Sept and ends in Sept. They only count it as Jan-Dec which means I had to pay OOP up to $3K Sept- Dec. last year and again with another $3K (which is done for this year) for Jan-Dec 2008 (and actually only til Sept as we'll be changing plans again). I'm kinda glad I waited to take Logan for his 5yr appt now. It won't come out of my pocket since we've met both the individual and family ded. for the year. Guess I should take advantage and get a check up and go to the dermatologist and get some stuff checked out. Too bad dental and vision aren't included. LOL

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Melodie said...

Jeez! I thought what we paid was a lot, but I've got it good compared to you. Definitely get as much done as you can while you've got your deductible paid.