Friday, May 09, 2008

Sooo sweet!

Logan's pre-K class had a Mother's Day party today for us. I got there just in time to see the presentation they made. I wish I could upload the video for you! Basically, they all lined up in front of us and counted off the ways/reasons they loved us. Logan was #5 and said it was because I let him play Lego Star Wars everyday. LOL!! After they were done, they said "and that's why we love you, Happy Mother's Day" all at one time. They had made us flower cards and a copy of everyone's "why I love you" and we each got a flower pot with seedlings they had planted and were growing.

It was such a great Mother's Day gift because it came from the heart. Logan may be my oldest but he's still my baby boy. He's the most loving child. I'll miss the day he doesn't want to give me hugs anymore. Hopefully that will never happen!

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