Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Accident plus more

I know you've been waiting with bated breath for this post right?

We had just left DHS to head back to the hotel for the day. Dh was unloading the stroller and I believe Ian was still sitting in it. I had Bella and was about to put her in her carseat (I was still holding her but had already opened the door) and Logan was standing next to me. All of a sudden I heard a bump and the truck moved. I thought it went into gear somehow or dh threw the stroller in or something. Someone hitting us never occurred to me.

I looked back at dh to ask him what he was doing and he was walking around the truck towards the car and told me we had gotten hit. I was still confused- I never even noticed the car backing into the space in front of us. (FTR, all spaces run one way and he was obviously going the wrong way if he was able to back into a space. I'm not sure how he even got past a CM to do it.) So dh is yelling at the guy and the guy hits us again!! Now dh is flipping out and I think he may just clock the guy. LOL Dh is yelling about me(not at me) standing there with the baby. The guy gets out and is apologizing up and down to us. He said his foot slipped off the brake the first time and then everyone in his car was yelling at him so he got nervous and did it again. No damage was done to my truck thankfully and it looked like he may have had a minor scratch on his car. He and dh shook hands and he continued to apologize. Even his passenger got out and was apologizing to us. Talk about an adrenaline rush (although not a good one).

Of course, Logan being the little know-it-all was scolding dh for yelling at the guy. Haha!! He kept saying it wasn't very nice and you shouldn't yell at people. He didn't understand why dh was yelling but at least he gets that it wasn't nice.

After that, we were hot and hungry. We were driving back to the hotel and decided to stop at a shopping plaza nearby. I ran into this grocery store called Goody's. Do not shop there if you are a bargain shopper or on any kind of budget. Good heavens! You know they sell to the tourists! Some things seemed to be normally priced. Then there were things like a package of Oreos for $6.09 that made me go bug eyed! How about a 12pack of SS Nabisco cookies for over $8. Holy cow! I did not buy those! Dinner ended up consisting of subs from Quiznos for us (their $5 sub specials) and McD's for the kids plus some normal priced chips from the store (at least Frito Lay had those price fixed).

Next up....swimming! Bella's first actual swimming pool experience included!

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