Monday, June 02, 2008

Oops!...and my day

I nearly forgot to blog today. Oops! Sorry Melodie, I'm not out yet. ;)

Today was pretty much a do nothing day. It was the first day of summer vacation but I still had to haul my butt out of bed to get to a book club meeting with my friends. We read Escape by Carolyn Jessop which was about her growing up and getting out of a polygamist life. Very good read!! Our next book will be Swine Not by Jimmy Buffett. Probably not something I'd ever pick up and read on my own. That's why I'm in the club! I also borrowed this book from Amy to read while I wait for our bc book.

After that I stopped by the bank and was supposed to go to Costco only to realize I forgot my check book at home. So we headed home for lunch and vegged the rest of the day. Dh had to work late on a computer so I never did make it to Costco. Maybe I'll drag the kids with me tomorrow. Or...maybe not. We'll see!

Tonight I've been searching for a hotel to stay at for next weekend. We want to have a mini-vacation since business is slow and we don't have all the extra play money we had last year. I have a few options so now I just need to choose one. It's hard! Pisces(my sign) don't make decisions easily. You should see me with an extensive menu. LOL I could be there for 30min deciding and that's with me forcing myself to make a decision!

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