Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have you had a waterbirth?

Go add your story or just post that you've had one. HERE's the form to fill out.

Waterbirth International needs you to register your baby on their "I Was Born in Water" list on their website if you had a waterbirth. They have over 4000 baby names listed and their goal is 10,000 by 2010. They are in line for an NIH grant to do follow-up research for these babies and their mother's experiences of waterbirth. Not only will you get to be on a very cool list, but you will be helping to prove that waterbirth is a safe and wonderful way to enter the world!

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Melodie said...

In my opinion, of all of the "non-traditional" birthing methods, water births are the way to go. With the warm water and low lighting, the baby is born into an environment that is most similar to what they are used to while in the mother's womb. It's got to be the least stressful birthing experience for the babies.