Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random Blog Musings (meme if you will)

Took this from another blog...

maybe i some housework
I love the smell of...coconut suntan lotion/shampoo/body wash
People would say I am...quiet, nice
I don't understand kids have to talk to me the minute I'm on the phone.
When I wake up in the morning...I love to hear Good Morning mama.
I lost my willpower to try and change...the time I'm on the internet
Life is...beautiful! I feel blessed.
My Past...made me a smarter more confident person.
I get annoyed when...I get a stupid song stuck in my head! (ie: the Wonder Pets are on right now, guess what I have in my head)
Parties are...a great way to get some ME time and not worry about mom duty. OTOH, kid parties are just another stress.
Dogs...are great for scaring off salesman.
Cats...are nice to have curled up in your lap.
Tomorrow is...another beautiful day.
I have a low tolerance for...stupidity. (motorcyclists without helmets and school speed zone speeders come to mind)
I'm totally terrified of...something horrible happening to my family.
I wonder why...cats gravitate to people who hate them.
Never in my life have I...actively done drugs. (I've been in a room with them though)
High School but I wish I could do it over.
When I'm nervous I...stutter over what I'm trying to say.
One time at a family gathering...I don't have an answer for this one...
Take my advice...enjoy your little ones while they are little. They grow up so fast!
Making my bed happens...never
I'm almost always...checking my email or message board posts.
I'm addicted to...Starbucks Chai Frap Light (I've learned how to make my own cheaper though), Coach bags, the internet, tv
I want someone to...sell my husband a WINNING (as in jackpot) lotto ticket.

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