Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is it time to go??

We're taking the boys to Star Wars Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) on Saturday. We're going to go up Friday night so we can be there at opening and see the StormTroopers' skit they do. I am just as excited as the boys. I should have kept my mouth shut though. All I've heard the past 2 days is "Is it time to go? I want to see Darth Vader, I want to see the Ewoks". Oh and this is all coming from the little one, Ian. He's so excited to go. He and Logan love Star Wars. Logan plays the Star Wars Lego game on the PS3 all the time. They have SW legos too. And you can't forget the movies. They've seen them all. I think their eyes are going to light up when they see all the characters this weeked!

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Melodie said...

Sarah and Emily are going this weekend, too. Their paternal grandparents are taking them camping at Fort Wilderness and they will be attending the Star Wars Weekend while out there. Emily is a HUGE Star Wars fan!