Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blogging from Orlando

Just popping in to blog a bit about our day. Wouldn't want Melodie to win our contest. ;) We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios this morning. We didn't get there exactly at opening despite being ready but we made it there shortly after (drove the wrong way out of the hotel). The StormTroopers were very cool up on top of the turnstile area. They were all over the park today too. We got to see Chewbacca (Logan line jumped- oops!), Jawas and more. I'll post pics when we get back. Man it was HOT out! We also got to ride the new Toy Story Mania. Awesome!!!!! So much fun!!!

We walked back out to our car and as I went to put Bella in her seat the guy parking in front of us (going the wrong way!) backed into my car, not once, but TWICE!! I thought dh was going to flip out on the guy. He apologized up and down and no damage was done thankfully. I'll blog more about it later though. We're off to go swimming!


Melodie said...

Not once, but twice?!? That's some nerve! Did he not know you guys were right there?

Amanda said...

OMGoodness...twice? That's crazy I'm glad your car is alright.

Working Mama said...

Sounds like a fun weekend except for the genius who ran into you! LOL...thank goodness everyone kept their cool and there wasn't damage. How did you escape damage by the way?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Father's Day to Robert!