Monday, April 14, 2008

3 weeks appt

So this morning wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It helped that I was up at 7am, lunch was made and breakfast was already done for the boys. I was able to shower and get everyone ready with time to spare. Yea me!

I had to take Bella in for another check up and she was still 9lbs (0.2oz). He was thrilled with her growth so I didn't tell him she was that weight last week too. LOL I go back in yet another 2 weeks for her 1 month appt plus I'm finally taking Logan for his 5yr appt with shots (sshh) so I can get him registered for school. So do I tell him he has to have shots (5 of them I think!) or not??


Karen said...

Not! Don't tell him until you are already there. If he asks, just tell him you don't know. There's no reason to worry him this far in advance.

Melodie said...

Definitely don't tell him. If he asks, tell him you don't know and that the doctor would let you know if he needs shots.