Friday, April 18, 2008

So much to do!

I have so many errands to run this weekend. I technically could have done them with Ian in tow but I'd prefer not to!

Next week is Teacher Appreciation week and Monday is flower day so I need to find a flower(s) for Logan's teachers. I'm hoping fake is okay otherwise it may die before Monday! So off to Joann's I'm going. I think I'm going to try to find some fabric/fur that will make a good set up for pictures for Bella too. We also have an Indulgence Day next week so I bought the teachers some Ghirardelli Toffee chocolate bars. Those suckers are huge and I'm betting super delish! They are also having a school supply day(I've got a bunch of books to give), breakfast day and lunch day along with getting a gift card. Nice!

Logan also has a birthday party to go to on Sunday at the skating rink so I need a gift for that little boy. I think I'm sending dh with him with the camera to catch all the falling. LOL

I was thinking about checking out Chuck's Natural Foods but now I'm thinking no to that. We're trying to cut our budget a bit and trying a new snack food is not the way to do it. I found about these on another blog I check. They got a good review!

Dh is taking our eldest dog to the vet tomorrow morning. She's having hip issues and can barely walk to get out the back door without crashing down. Partly because she slips and slides on the tile and partly because of her hips. We're hoping a simple Cortisone shot will help. After that, I'm guessing he'll be working on Bella's room for the rest of the day. I'm ready for it to be done!!

Oh and I'd really like to get to the Disney store. They have an adorable outfit I'd like to buy Bella but I don't want to pay for shipping online. Cross your fingers!

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