Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yes, I'm a good honest wife and told dh I had bought not one, but two new carriers yesterday. I first asked him what we had around the house we could sell to make some money. Of course he replied "why?" with a curious look on his face. So I sheepishly told him and he didn't care! I knew he wouldn't but I do feel guilty sometimes spending money.

So this is the other brand carrier I bought (used) from Thebabywearer.com. I got a khaki colored MT and there are 5 interchangable panels that go on it. I'm hoping it will be easy to make my own too as none of the prints I got from the mama were really girly. If not, I can buy extras. Either way, it was a good deal and those who know me know I love a good deal!

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Andrea said...

It's always nice when the hubbys help us get past that shopping guilt! LOL! Hope you enjoy your new purchases!