Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh my!

Ian and I had quite the conversation this morning. I was changing his diaper and had to touch his penis. For those who don't know, he'll be 3 next month.

Ian: Why did you touch my penis?

Me: So I can clean it.

Ian: I want to touch it.

Me: Oookay.
Me: You never let anyone but Mommy, Daddy and the Dr touch your penis, okay?

Ian: Okay....I want to show my friends my penis.

Me: Uhh no, we don't show off our penis.

Ian: why?

I'm sure there was more to this conversation but I can't recall it all. It struck me as very funny though. He's very inquisitive. Everything nowadays is- Why? I don't remember ever having a conversation with Logan at this age about his penis. He's never said he wanted to show his friends either. I'm in trouble! LOL


Working Mama said...

Matthew was much more into his penis than Patrick is...I remember Matthew being about 2-ish and being in the tub giving his penis "a drink" out of a cup!

Scarlett said...

Isaac wouldn't know what he was talking about. When Hayden was little, I was trying to be all official and correct and called his penis a penis. He then informed me that it wasn't called a penis, it is called a "coo coo". Uh huh... So that's all Isaac has ever known. LOL!