Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I think I've discovered a new fave drink since my old fave(Chai Creme LIGHT frap) has been discontinued from nearly all the stores except the Super Target across town. I had a friend pick me up a Caramel Light Frap this morning. I'm not usually a coffee person but this was really good! It was sweet enough that I didn't mind the coffee at all. Yum! I wonder how much milk, if any, is in it. Could I count it as a milk for my WW? There's not enough to count as a dairy after doing some research. Booo. I know with the Lattes you can. So thank you Amy for bringing me that yummo drink!!

Btw, I went to the MyStarbucksIdea website and commented that need to bring it back. If you head over there, search for my thread or any thread about Creme Light and VOTE! Enough votes and they may bring them back!

ETA: Did you know if you bring your own cup/mug in, you get a whopping $0.10 discount?

ETA2- Go thru some of the comments and vote! There are a lot of good ideas!

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Melodie said...

It may only be a $.10 discount, but it's still a discount, and you're helping the environment by not throwing away another Starbucks cup. So, twice the bonus!