Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Who's Who?
ETA: To those who commented, you were all right! The 1st pic is Ian at a month old, then Bella at a month and Logan at a month. Even I was surprised at how much Ian and Bella looked alike!





jennifer said...

Ian, Bella and Logan!

Heather said...

Exactly what I thought (what Jen said). I immediately saw that first picture and thought "wow, Bella really looks like Ian". I had just assumed you were posting new Bella pictures though until I realized that it was pictures of each 3. So, yes, after all my rambling, I'm guessing it's Ian, Bella, and then Logan. Although I've never truly seen Ian or Logan as babies so it's completely a guess!

Working Mama said...

I think it's Ian on top, Bella in the tub in middle & Logan on bottom. They look related but I think (if I'm right on which one...) that Bella looks more like a girl. If I'm wrong - please apologize to the boy I just pegged as a girl! LOL

Scarlett said...

How cute! And how neat that they have so much of a resemblance at one month!

Anonymous said...

I think Bella looks more like Logan, in the pictures, I mean, they all look alike, of course, but she looks more like Logan, same nose and mouth.
Marta Davis