Thursday, April 24, 2008

Journey in pictures

Since I'm back on my WW, I thought I'd share some of my fat pics with you so you can see just how far I've come and where I need to get back to. Because I'm so proud of what I've accomplished, I'm not really embarrassed to post these and I can adamantly say, I never want to be back at that weight ever again.

2003- November (with Logan)

2005 (with Ian)-before starting WW

I started WW in January 2006...

2006- December- lost over 60lbs

2007- June over 70lbs lost

I don't have many 2008 pics of myself. I was pregnant of course up until a month ago(tomorrow!). I'm sure we'll get some more soon enough. Problem is, I'm always behind the camera!


Anonymous said...

YOu go girl! I'm so proud of you. I know you'll get down to your goal weight in no time!

Anonymous said...

You look great

Hanne said...

Wow! I knew you lost a lot of weight but that is awesome to see in pictures!~Way to go!
Good luck with the coninuing journey! I am starting all over:)

Scarlett said...

Wow! I'm so proud of you! I've told you before - you were like the incredible shrinking woman after you started WW. I know you'll be back where you want to be in no time. You look really good now, though.

Anonymous said...

Man, I hope you can inspire me to get back on the WW wagon. I had lost 22 pds and gained half back. I have been so frustrated. I have watched you over the years but seeing the pics together makes a world of difference.

Lynn - MSN Board