Monday, April 28, 2008

Dreaded Dr visits

Logan finally had his much dreaded (on my part) 5 yr exam(he's 5.5 so we're a bit late). He did fine in the hearing test which kinda surprises me only because he's so darn loud all the time. His eyesight however was 20/35. That doesn't surprise me a bit. Dh and I both need corrective lenses and I'm sure my kids will follow. Ugh. Darn genetics! He was 47.5in (95%) and 55lbs (94%). That basically means only 5-6% of kids his age are bigger than him. He also had 5 shots. Poor baby! I wouldn't want 5 shots in the same day! I had to lay on him and hold his arms. He of course cried and it brought tears to my eyes to see my baby in pain- deliberate pain at that. After a few minutes he stopped crying but he was walking really stiff legged. LOL I told him they didn't give him shots in the knees! We went to McDonalds for lunch and all seems to be well.

Bella also had her 1 month appt this morning. She's 22.5in (91%) and 9lbs 10oz (59%). Everything looked good with her. He didn't seem concerned about her face breaking out. I figured it was just acne but wanted to make sure. Her gurgly tummy is just gas too. Not much else I can do for her there. She's gaining right on schedule. No more appts for a month!

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Holly said...

Poor Logan!

Hey, he is the exact same size as Maggie. Last week I weighed and measured the girls, and Maggie was 47" and 55 lbs! Erin was 49", and 61 lbs btw.