Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bella's Birth Day pics

Well since I haven't really been out of the house or done anything besides nurse, eat and sleep, I don't have much to blog about. So instead, I'll show you just a couple of pics from Bella's birth day. If you are at all squeamish, you may want to skip the first picture which shows the knot in her cord. I just think it's really neat how they can tie their cord up in utero. Here's a fact- true cord knots only occur in approx. 1% of pregnancies. Many times it's because the cord is longer than usual. I can say in my case, the cord was pretty darn long!

And here is a pic of a waterbirth tub. I've seen shows where moms are using baby pools and such, but I'm not sure how they heat the water in those. This has a heater to bring the water up to a comfortable 100 degrees so the baby doesn't get chilled. I added this later to my post on her birth story, but as I was pushing, they had to add hot water to the tub since it happened so fast and the tub hadn't heated up enough yet. It looks like hard plastic but it's actually firm foam like material.
Eventually I'll show you pics of the rest of the night but they are really wonky colored since they were taken without a flash so I'll have to wait to get them fixed up first. Hopefully I'll have some different blog fodder soon!


Melodie said...

My little brother had a knot in his cord AND it was wrapped around his neck three times around. He was obviously very active in utero!

Working Mama said...

That is interesting about the true cord knots - Patrick had a true cord knot & it was around his neck in addition. Matthew's was the thickest cord our doc said he'd ever seen. Interesting stuff!
The water birth tub looks like one of those portable jacuzzi tubs..the ones they advertise an elephant stepping on because they are foamy.