Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hot and Tired

The 3 kids and I just got back from a birthday party for one of our neighbors. Their little girl just turned 3- exactly 1 month apart from Ian. She is so darn cute too. So we were invited over to bounce and slide. They rented a combo unit and I don't think the bouncy part got used much as everyone loved the slide. It was so much smaller than the one we rented which was good bc Ian loved this one. I think they were on that thing for over 2 hours.

We also had snow cones. Yum! Dh provided them the syrups and they rented the machine. We may have to do that for Logan's birthday. It was so refreshing! I ate Ian's. He only had a few bites and was done.

Everyone loved on Bella. And everyone said "oh she looks JUST like Robert". Do you have any idea how many times I hear that? I swear I was just the incubator in all 3 pregnancies. LOL



Birthday girl, her mom and Ian. Think Ian and Hannah will make a cute couple one day? LOL

Sleeping in her stroller.


Melodie said...

I know what you mean about being the incubator. None of my girls looks like me.

Katie has the same dress that Bella is wearing in that photo. It's so cute and comfy.

Anonymous said...

I guess is the hispanic gene that is stronger, I hear the opposite all the time, that my kids look just like me, nothing like Tim, who is white. People have told me: is he really the father? what did he contribute to make that baby? And my mom used to tell me all the time that she wished I had a blonde baby, like my if she was disappointed!! whatever, my kids are beautiful...of course in my country where 99% of us have dark skin, being white is a privilege, seriously, you are treated differently... I guess 'cause we have the influence that the beauty standard is looking like Britney or Heidi Klum, just take a peek at the Spanish channel of the Mexican soap operas, all the actors are blonde, blue/green eyes. My husband laughs and says, yeah, they look Mexican....
I don't agree with that, we all are beautiful and what matters most is what you have in your heart.
Marta Davis.