Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beautiful day!

This time of year is so nice. Ian, Bella and I went to the park this morning to meet some other babywearing mamas. I got to see some new wraps and a Babyhawk in person. I was able to do a back carry in my wrap with Bella although she doesn't seem entirely comfy back there. She doesn't like back carries so much yet. I've never seen so many BW mamas together! I also saw a mom in a ring sling and a mom in a Mei Tai that were NOT with our group! I never see anyone BW in our area so that was nice.

I also talked to one of the moms about pediatricians and it turns out she doesn't like my ped either. She and some other moms recommended a few others to me that do take our insurance so I'm going to look into them. Except for Ian's behavior at home and in the car, it's been a really nice day!

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